Sediment 2011 Conference Leipzig

Welcome to Sediment 2011 in Leipzig

The "Sediment 2011" meeting of sedimentary geology is co-
organized by to international scientific societies: SEPM-CES
(Central European Section of the Society of Sedimentary Geology,, and the Section Sedimentology of GV
(Geologische Vereinigung, The organizers
encourage submission of abstracts in all fields of sedimentary geology.
The meeting aims at bringing together young researchers and established scientists from industry and academia in order to stimulate and promote European education and research in sedimentology.

Abstract Volume at the German National Library:



The University of Leipzig was founded more than 600 years ago and became a renowned research institution with a high academic reputation. Although the beginnings of the geological th collections date back to the middle of the 18 century, the first professorship for Mineralogie und Geognosie was not established before 1842 (C.F. Naumann). In its heydays, the institute was represented by outstanding geologists like H. Credner, H. Stille and F. Kossmat. Over the last century, the institute experienced several ups and downs in its changeful history. The research of the 1993 re-founded Institut für Geophysik und Geologie is mainly focused on sedimentology and seismology.


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